Who are we?

About The Digital Camera Design Stammtisch
We are a loose groop of interest, without any commercial background. Our main subjects are CCD-cameras, CCD-sensors, opto-electronics, image processing and the usage of these technologies for industrial applications, digital photography and for research. Our goal is creating a basis, as well for a relaxed exchange of information and ideas, as a forum to meet specialists from different areas. This should induce benefits for each participant.

About Our Organization
We are scheduled to meet once per month. Time by time, we try to arrange lectures about subjects of special interest. Owners of exiting devices or images are encouraged to bring them along and to demonstrate and explain their operation.

How Often And Where Do We Meet?
Meeting date and point is every second monday of the month evening, at 7:30 pm, in the inn called „Scheidegger“, located in the „Bauerstr.16“ in Munich/Schwabing.

For how long do we exist?
The Camera- (or formerly CCD-) User Group has been started by the initiative of Mr. Dirk Viehmann and Mr. Schneider in 1993. We are emphasizing the fact, that we are an independent group and not influenced by any commercial interests.

Examples for past lecture subjects:

  • eyelike it…. a digital, high resolution color camera for professional use (M. Cappellaro, Zeiss)
  • Sensitivity of CCD-devices in photometric and physical units and illumination problems (B. Wunderer, GAO)
  • Improvement of networks with finite impuls response Mr. Cieslinski, ARRI)

Pass it on:We are based on the personal commitment and the interest of the participants.

Therefore: please pass the information about our group on everybody, who is interested and willing to participate.

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