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Von Carl Zeiss angebotenen Mikroskopie Kurse zum Thema Biologie, Medizin und Materialwissenschaften 2014 in Deutschland (Jena, München, Aalen)

Image Sensors Americas - September 2014 09-11.09.2014

Image Sensors Americas will bring together the business leaders in image sensor manufacturing with key end-users to discuss and define the future challenges and opportunities in this technology sector. IS events attract only the highest calibre of speakers and delegate, ensuring that networking session provide maximum value for all attendees.

Confirmed speakers include some of the leading minds in imaging science, see the full line up here.

This meeting is essential for you if you:

  • Are an imaging scientist, camera technologist, image sensor expert, ISP developer or otherwise involved in digital imaging
  • Manufacture cameras for mobile, professional, automotive, surveillance, military, medical, space, or machine vision applications
  • Supply mateirals, technology or consulting to the digital imaging marketplace

SPIE Security + Defence Amsterdam, Netherlands 22 - 25 September 2014

SPIE Remote Sensing Amsterdam, Netherlands 22 - 25 September 2014

SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 is an important European conference focused on giving international researchers and scientists access to the most recent satellite-based imaging systems and the data generated by them, as well as a way to share that information with peers within science, government, and industry while furthering that impact world-wide. Join us in Amsterdam.
This meeting is co-located with SPIE Security + Defence.

Deep Insights into CMOS Sensors (in English) Dr. Albert Theuwissen 2.10.204

Deep Insights into CMOS Sensors (in English)


With Imaging Expert Dr. Albert Theuwissen

CMOS image sensors can be found in many applications, ranging from consumer to professional.  And actually over time, more applications with solid-state imagers will be added.  That means that more engineers are going to be exposed to the solid-state imaging technology.
This course is intended to make the newcomers in the field familiar with the ins and outs of CMOS image sensor technology.  The two day training is held by the imaging-expert Dr. Albert Theuwissen in English. After a short introduction the course will focus on the general working principles of the CMOS imagers as well as on the detailed description of the pixel structure.  Main question will be: what can be done with these pixels and what are the practical limits?

Next the general imaging characteristics will be discussed as their dark current, anti-blooming, global shutter, rolling shutter, several fixed-pattern as well as temporal noise sources.  At the end of the course, a specification of an existing CMOS image sensor will be analyzed.  To make the course as interactive as possible, participants can bring their own sensor specification that can be analyzed and discussed in the class room.

Dr. Albert Theuwissen authored the book „Solid-State Imaging with Charge-Coupled Devices“. This work is still considered as one of the main textbooks in the field of solid-state imaging.
In March 2001, he became part-time professor at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. In Delft his main attention goes to the coaching of PhD students researching CMOS image sensors.
In April 2002, he joined DALSA Corp. to act first as the company‘s Chief Technology Officer and later as the Chief Scientist of DALSA Semiconductors. After he left DALSA in September 2007, he founded Harvest Imaging and now he is fully focusing on training, coaching and teaching in the field of solid-state imaging technology.
In 2008 Albert Theuwissen received the SMPTE‘s (Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) Fuji Gold Medal for his contributions in research, development and education in the field of solid-state image capturing.

Find detailled information about this training here.


  • The advantages and disadvantages of current CMOS image sensor technology
  • The general imaging characteristics with their dark current, anti-blooming, global shutter, rolling shutter, several fixed pattern as well as temporal noise sources
  • A specification analysis of an existing CMOS image sensor with strong practical approach

Target group
Technical minded imaging experts and engineers who are involved in CMOS Sensor projects and opportunities and who need more in-depth information about deployment, bug fixing and optimization.

1490,00 EUR (plus VAT) per Person, incl. trainings documentation, lunch and coffee breaks

Date and venue
December 2nd to 3rd, 2014
FRAMOS Office Taufkirchen: Mehlbeerenstr. 2, 82024 Taufkirchen, Germany

SPIE Asia Pacific Remote Sensing Beijing, China 13 - 16 October 2014

SPIE Asia Pacific Remote Sensing 2014 - Plan now to participate in this important event focusing on sensing technologies for environmental monitoring. The focus of this year's meeting is "Remote Sensing for Earth Systems Science and Environmental Health Monitoring." Come join your colleagues at this discussion of recent advances and new directions in remote sensing technologies.

ICSO 2014 06-10 Oct 2014

ICSO 2014 is the 10th edition of the largest meeting worldwide of experts working in all disciplines of Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Technologies for Space Applications.

Workshop "Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic Detectors" & "Image Sensors Optical Interfaces" Toulouse FR 26-27.11.2014

Einführung in die 3D-Bildmesstechnik und Photogrammetrie Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Luhmann 27.-28. November 2014 München


Die Teilnehmer erhalten über zwei aufeinander aufbauende Module einen vertieften Einblick zu
1. mathematischen und physikalischen Grundlagen der Photogrammetrie (Transformationen, Ausgleichungsrechnung, Optik, Sensorik),
2. Kalibrierung und Messgenauigkeit (Kamerakalibrierung, Aufnahmeanordnungen, Orientierungsverfahren) sowie  zur photogrammetrischen Bildverarbeitung (Punktmessung, Bildzuordnung). Die Schulungsteilnehmer werden dabei in die theoretischen Grundlagen der Thematik eingeführt, die durch zahlreiche praktische Beispiele und Anwendungen ergänzt werden. Die Teilnehmer erhalten auch die Möglichkeit, eigene Problemstellungen zu diskutieren. Nach dem Kurs sollten die Teilnehmer in der Lage sein, die technischen Grundlagen der Photogrammetrie genauer zu verstehen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten des Verfahrens in ihrem eigenen Arbeitsumfeld besser beurteilen zu können.


Das Schulungsangebot richtet sich an Wissenschaftler und Praktiker mit einem abgeschlossenen Hochschulstudium einer technischen Fachrichtung. Es werden Vorkenntnisse in angewandter Mathematik und Physik sowie in digitaler Bildverarbeitung vorausgesetzt. Die Kurse sind offen für verschiedene Fachrichtungen, z.B. industrielle Qualitätssicherung, Fertigungsmesstechnik, Medizintechnik, Materialwissenschaften, Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen u.v.a.m

1390,00 € (zzgl. MwSt.), pro Person, inkl. Tagungsgetränke, Mittagessen und Schulungsunterlagen. 

Termin und Ort 
27. - 28. November 2014
FRAMOS Office Taufkirchen: Mehlbeerenstr. 2, 82024 Taufkirchen     




International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors iWoRID 2014 22-June 26, 2014 Trieste Italy

iWoRID 2014

The International Workshops on Radiation Imaging Detectors are held yearly and provide an international forum for discussing current research and developments in the area of position sensitive detectors for radiation imaging, including semiconductor detectors, gas and scintillator-based detectors. Topics include processing and characterization of detector materials, hybridization and interconnect technologies, design of counting or integrating electronics, readout and data acquisition systems, and applications in various scientific and industrial fields.


IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging San Francisco, United States 8-12 February 2015

2015 Conference Topic Areas
 • Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXVI
 • The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2015
 • 3D Image Processing, Measurement (3DIPM) and Applications 2015
 • Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XX
 • Color Imaging XX: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
 • Image Quality and System Performance XII
 • Visualization and Data Analysis 2015  
 • Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance 2015
 • Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems XIII
 • Real-Time Image and Video Processing 2015
 • Computational Imaging XIII
 • Document Recognition and Retrieval XXII
 • Image Sensors and Imaging Systems 2015
 • Digital Photography and Mobile Imaging XI
 • Image Processing: Machine Vision Applications VIII
 • Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXXII: Algorithms and Techniques
 • Video Surveillance and Transportation Imaging Applications 2015
 • Imaging and Multimedia Analytics in a Web and Mobile World 2015
 • Media Watermarking, Security, and Forensics 2015
 • Visual Information Processing and Communication VI
Mobile Devices and Multimedia: Enabling Technologies, Algorithms, and Applications 2015

SPIE Photonics West San Francisco, United States 7 - 12 February 2015

Join your peers at SPIE Photonics West, the #1 laser, photonics, biomedical optics conference: 20,000 attendees, two exhibitions, 1,250 exhibiting companies, and 4,700 papers on biomedical optics, biophotonics, translational research, industrial lasers, 3D printing, optoelectronics, microfabrication, MOEMS-MEMS, displays, and more.

SPIE DSS /SPIE Defense + Security + Sensing Technology Baltimore, United States 20-24 April 2015

SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications covers sensors, imaging, and optics technologies for industrial, commercial, and environmental applications. Submit your work on Hyperspectral Imaging; Fiber Optic Sensors; Spectroscopy; Terahertz Device and Systems; Wireless Sensing; Sensing for Industry, Environment, and Health; Sensing for Agriculture and Food Safety; Thermosense; Ocean Sensing; Energy Harvesting; Sensors for Next-Generation Robotics; 3D Imaging & Visualization; Information Systems and Networks; and more.

SPIE Defense + Security covers sensors, imaging, and optics technologies for security, law enforcement, port/border security, aerospace, and defense applications. Submit your work on Infrared Sensors and Imaging Systems; Lasers and Systems; Mine/Chemical Detection (CBRNE); Sensors and Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C3I); Cyber Sensing/Security; Biometrics and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance; Radar Sensors; Next-Generation Sensors and Systems, UAVs, Space; Display Technologies; Sensor Data and Information Exploitation; Imagery and Pattern Analysis; Information and System Networks; and more.

The SPIE DSS Expo is a 450-company exhibition on optics, lasers, sensors, image processing, spectroscopy, infrared systems, thermal imaging, optoelectronic components, instrumentation, data analysis, and more. The DSS Expo serves attendees of both SPIE DSS symposia and visitors from around the world looking for the whole supplier chain and seeking products that improve capabilities at lower cost.

SPIE Remote Sensing Toulouse, France 21-24 September 2015

SPIE Remote Sensing Toulouse, France 21-24 September 2015

SPIE Security + Defence Toulouse, France 21-24 September 2015

SPIE Security + Defence Toulouse, France 21-24 September 2015